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Application For Lease

The undersigned Applicant does offer to lease apartment in City / County, for a term of year months days, commencing on 20 at a monthly rental of $. The sum of $ is requested as security deposit. Additional security deposit may be required if the result of the application processing/credit scoring requires the same. The security deposit paid by the Applicant, if any, will be returned in full if this application is not approved. If this Application is approved, and the Applicant fails to comply with his/her Rental Agreement, then the Applicant shall be liable for all damages resulting from the breach including lost rent, and the security deposit may be applied by the Landlord toward such damages. In addition, the Applicant paid a non-refundable fee of $ for processing this application.


Applicant Information:


Vehicle Information:


List All Other Occupants:


List Two Emergency Contacts:

Please exclude anyone that will reside in the apartment


Current Residence:


Previous Residence:

Required if present residence is less than two years


Renter's Insurance:

Renter's insurance is very important - refer to the rental agreement, please obtain immediately!




Additional Income:

$ $


Bank Reference:


I hereby affirm that all answers to the foregoing questions are true and correct and that I have not knowingly withheld any fact or circumstance which would, if disclosed, affect my application unfavorably. As an inducement to enter into the rental agreement, I authorize you to secure from a consumer reporting agency an investigative consumer report. This report may contain, but would not be limited to, a consumer credit report and verification of my residences, employment and income. I further authorize you and the consumer reporting agency to verify any and all information contained in this application and to inquire into my character, general reputation, personal characteristics and mode of living, and I release all concerned from any liability in connection with the information they give. I have also been advised that I have the right, under Federal Fair Credit Reporting Act, Section 606 (B), to make a written request of you and the Consumer Reporting Agency, within a reasonable time, for a complete and accurate disclosure of the nature and scope of the investigation. I acknowledge receipt of the summary of consumer rights required by Section 609 of the Fair Credit Reporting Act entitled "A Summary of Your Rights Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act". I also authorize you to obtain my Consumer Credit Report at any time during the term of the rental agreement and after termination of the rental agreement in order to assist you in collection efforts against me.

If a landlord requires from a prospective resident any fees other than a security deposit as defined by Section 8-203 (a) of the real property article, and these fees exceed $25, then the landlord shall return the fees, subject to the exceptions below, or be liable for twice the amount of the fees in damages. The return shall be made not later than 15 days following the date of occupancy or the written communication, by either party to the other, of a decision that no residency shall occur. The landlord may retain only that portion of the fees actually expended for a credit check or other expenses arising out of the application, and shall return that portion of the fees not actually expended on behalf of the prospective resident making application.

Please follow the instructions listed below:

  • Complete the application
  • Print the application
  • Bring the application with you to the rental office