Pet Friendly Apartments

Hartland Apartments at The Greens requires all pets to be licensed and immunized. We also ask that you sign the required pet addendum and provide a photo of your pet. 

  • Up to Two Domestic Cats per Home or One Domestic Cat and One Dog up to 50 pounds at an adult age (Dogs at Hartland Village, Hartland Run, Hartland Park and Hartland Ridge Only).
  • $250 Non-Refundable pet fee
  • $25/Mo. Pet Rent for 1 pet, $40/Mo. Pet Rent for 2 pets.

Learn more about pet-friendly apartments for rent in Essex. Contact our staff with any questions you may have. We’re here to help!

Hartland Village Apartments


1103-E Country Terrace Road Essex, MD 21221

Cats are more than welcome at our Essex apartments

Cats Welcome

Your cat is a welcome addition to Hartland Apartments at The Greens community. Our apartments are the purrfect place to call home. Not only are our floor plans spacious, they are also near to the necessities of pet ownership. Pick up pet supplies like litter and catnip at Petco Golden Ring or PetSmart in White Marsh. For veterinary services, Essex Middle River Veterinary Center is nearby.

Dogs Welcome at our Hartland Community:

Bring your dog home with you to Hartland Village, Hartland Run, Hartland Park or Hartland Ridge located at The Greens.  Hendersen-Webb, Inc. reserves the right to deny any animal that is deemed aggressive.  In addition, any dog that is a mixed breed or cross-bred with any of the following breeds will not be accepted:

Akita                                                                  Great Dane
Alaskan Husky                                                  Husky
Alaskan Malamute                                            Mastiff
American Bull Dog                                           Newfoundland
American Pit Bull                                              Pit Bull
Boxer                                                                Presa Canario
Bull Mastiff                                                        Rottweiler
Chow                                                                Siberian Husky
Dalmation                                                         Staffordshire Terrier / Pit Bull
Doberman Pinscher                                         St. Bernard
Dogo Argentino                                                Tosa Inus
Fila Brasileiros                                                   Wolf
German Shepherd                                            Wolf Hybrid

To make sure you have everything you need for your puppy-pal, or a complete list of requirements, please contact our staff.

Cute dog at Hartland Village Apartments in Essex, Maryland